Monday, October 14, 2013

Black Sunrise - Party Handbill September 1979 (My first show I believe....)

Black Sunrise 
 Party Handbill 
September 1979 
(My first show I believe....)

Black Sunrise
Gene Wylee - Vocals / Mark Stone - Guitar / David Carey - Guitar / Kim Calvert - Bass / Tim Gilbert - Drums

The very first Black Sunrise show I remember very very well.... I forget what I did two weeks ago but I remember alot about that day. I remember hanging out with Dave Ogden who lived a few streets away from me swimming in his pool. The last Friday of Summer vacation. I was dreading going to school again. I remember that summer being alot of fun. Dave mentions a party he had this handbill for and said we should go. I didn't really didn't know what to expect. That summer we had a couple of keg parties for our neighborhood. I was hanging with Ray Tenno, The Manson brothers, Dave Ogden and another character by the name of Skip Kelly. When that guy came over my house my Mom would reach for the smelling salts. The guy had a full beard at 17 and I was 14 years old. Looking back now... I felt older then than I do now.  I remember driving down to the party in Dave's green classic truck. I remember the backyard being quite big with a chainlink fence and a church next door.  I remember the party didn't get busted and lasted quite late. My memory of the party that night was that there was a very comfortable sized crowd of people there and the keg lasting for a fair amount of the party.  I remember digging the band quite alot. They played the music I listened to and their originals rocked as good as the Zeppelin, Hendrix cover songs. My first day of High School (10th Grade) at Savanna that following Monday I had GYM class. David Carey and Mark Stone were in the same class with me. I became friends with them the first day. David invited me along to be a "roadie" and that's what I did from 1979 until the end of The Cone Of Silence in 1984. It got a little tricky a couple of those years having moved to San Juan Capistrano in 1980. More on that later. 

On the back of the handbill there is handwritten directions. "Gilbert To Cerritos, Left on Cerritos past RR Tracks, Right on 9th, Left on Laser." It kinda makes me think the party moved to a different location then the directions on the front. Or perhaps another party that night. I'm not sure.