Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jaames Dean - Concert Handbill December 18th 1981

Jaames Dean 
 Concert Handbill 
Woodstock Concert Theatre
Anaheim, CA
December 18th 1981

Jaames Dean
Danny Risberg - Vocals / Brett Scott - Bass / Drake Thompson - Drums / Gib Arciniega - Guitar 

David Carey with Cash Carey - Photo Thanksgiving November 28th 2013

David Carey with Cash Carey 
November 28th 2013 

Here's a great photo of Uncle David with Cash (Paul's son) from this past Thanksgiving. 

The Witch Doctors - Concert Handbill October 4th 1990

The Witch Doctors 
 Concert Handbill 
The Anti Club
Hollywood, CA
October 4th 1990

The Witch Doctors 
Paul Carey - Vocals, Doug Price - Guitar, Steve Hill - Bass, Scott Burton - Keyboards, Greg Paynich - Drums

The Cone Of Silence - Mystic Records EP Cover and Insert 1983

 The Cone Of Silence 
 Mystic Records 
EP Cover and Insert 

The Cone Of Silence
David Carey - Guitar / T. Geier - Bass & Vocals / Brian Henry - Guitar & Vocals / Shannon Anthony & Tim Gilbert - Drums

Back cover signed by Brian Henry, David Carey & Tim Gilbert. T started to sign it for me and got as far as "To Eddie" and stopped. 

Paul Carey drew the cover and is listed as Music Consultant. 

On the On the insert sheet me and Jonna Hayes are listed as the road crew. Also I'm in the photo next to David taken from the day of the 3 Stooges Star Day in Hollywood. Below is the actual photo taken by Tim Gilbert.