Friday, February 7, 2014

Mark Stone - Fifth Flight Instruction January 2014

Mark Stone 
 Fifth Flight Instruction 
January 2014

Mark Stone writes... " Flight number 5! windy day and a strong crosswind, taking off a bit nervous here but great time".

Thanks for the video Mark!!

The Witch Doctors - Concert Handbill November 15th 1989 #1

The Witch Doctors 
 Concert Handbill 
Club Manhattan 
Stanton, CA
November 15th 1989

The Witchdoctors 
Paul Carey - Vocals, Doug Price - Guitar, Steve Hill - Bass, Scott Burton - Keyboards, Greg Paynich - Drums

The Untold Fables - "Other Fish" (Robert Butler) 1985

The Untold Fables 
 "Other Fish"
(Robert Butler)
 from their Every Mother's Nightmare LP

The Untold Fables
Paul Carey Vocals / Jon Niederbrach Guitar / Robert Butler Bass / Paul Sakry Drums

Here is another Robert Butler original song from The Untold Fables' 1st album.

Mark Stone - Little Mo Betta Blues on The Pacific July 2011

Mark Stone 
 Little Mo Betta Blues 
The Pacific Ocean 
July 2011

"This was the second take on my loop trainer.... little rough but I had fun." Mark Stone

Excellent Mark! Thanks for sharing with us fans some more music from you!
Hope to see some more soon!