Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jaames Dean - Promotional Band Handbill 1983

Jaames Dean 
 Promotional Band Handbill
Jaames Dean
Danny Risberg - Vocals / Brett Scott - Bass / Drake Thompson - Drums / Jack Arpano - Guitar

The Witch Doctors - Promotional Band Handbill 1989 / 1990

The Witch Doctors 
 Promotional Band Handbill
1989 / 1990
The Witch Doctors
Paul Carey - Vocals, Doug Price - Guitar, Steve Hill - Bass, Scott Burton - Keyboards, Greg
Paynich - Drums

John Young - "Right Where She Left Me" Demo 2008

John Young 
 "Right Where She Left Me"
(John Darrell Young)
copyright 2008 John Darrell Young
Here's a very good Demo I received from John Young the other day. Nashville could use John's songwriting talents in a big way. I'm really hoping John sends more in so we can have a listen in the near future. Here's part of the note John sent me with the song
"I'm sending you a demo called RIGHT WHERE SHE LEFT ME copyright 2008 john Darrell young. a country song I wrote a few years ago ,cut at my home studio. everything on this track is me."
Great to hear from our friend John!!! 
You'd think someone in Nashville would be smart enough to snap him up.
 "John sit back and write us more hit songs."

Mark Stone, David Carey & David Cristofaro - "Blues Jam" May 17th 2014

Mark Stone, David Carey & David Cristofaro 
 "Blues Jam"
May 17th 2014