Thursday, October 9, 2014

Black Sunrise's Kim Calvert - "Before He Was A Star" Brookhurst Jr. High School 1977 - 1978

Black Sunrise's Kim Calvert 
 "Before He Was A Star"
Brookhurst Jr. High School 
 1977 - 1978
Black Sunrise
Gene Wylee - Vocals / Mark Stone - Guitar / David Carey - Guitar / Kim Calvert - Bass / Tim Gilbert - Drums
Here's Kim Calvert before his rock star days with Black Sunrise. Here's Kim's 9th grade year book photo from Anaheim's Brookhust Jr. High School.  Kim was a year ahead of me at Brookhurst. Check out Kim's great comments on a few of the Black Sunrise posts.  He mentions his mother coming up with the Black Sunrise name. I never knew that one. I do remember Kim's Mother very fondly. I remember going to Kim's house for after parties  and Kim's Mom was so kind to everybody. I think actually the very last Black Sunrise show they ever played we had a after party there. I could be wrong. Hopefully we will hear alot more from Kim soon. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ed I really appreciate those kind words about my mother. She is in the hospital right now and has had a rough year. I cant find the other posts? Here is my email address please contact me U would like to send you a more updated picture. I would also like to get in contact with Dave C., Mark S. and others. I would love at some time to get all of us together. Thanks man

Anonymous said...

Ed, thanks so much for the kind words about my mother. Yes for many years my house was the house to be at as in those days my mom and dad thought "if they are going to do those stupid things its better they do it here" I don't think we would get that same response from my mother today. Yes my mom enjoyed (for the most part HAHAHA) all of us and that continued on for many years. My mom is 83 now and the last couple of years has been hard (she is in the hospital right now 10/12/14) but she is still the same kind and caring person she was back then. Some things never change. For any of you who remember my dad he passed away in 1997 way to soon but by the time he was gone my father had been sober for nearly 20 years. It was strange at his funeral as there were many people there we did not know. Person after person came by to shake our hands many of them telling us "if it weren't for your father I would not be here right now" as my dad sponsored many people in AA and was very proud of that. Over so many years our lives take so many turns it is for this reason Ed I am so happy you created this site. It brings me back, it opens my eyes and memories to what once was and all though not all perfect good memories, great friends and fun times, thanks so much.