Friday, January 24, 2014

Carl Schulman - RIP December 9th 2012

Very Sad News:
I found out that Carl Schulman drummer with Circles & Squares and also Infallible You had passed away from cancer in Reno on December 9th 2012. 

Carl Schulman
Carl Schulman
Carl Schulman

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brett Scott & Scarlet Crush - "Hands Of Love" 2003

Brett Scott & Scarlet Crush 
 "Hands Of Love"
from their
Hands Of Love album

Scarlet Crush
Jeff Smetana (vocals, guitar), Jeff Sterzer (lead guitar), Dax Maddocks (vocals, guitar), Brett Scott (bass) , John Glover (drums)

Mark Stone - Second Flight Instruction December 2013

Mark Stone 
 Second Flight Instruction 
December 2013

Here's Mark Stone on his second flight instruction. When I first started the video I thought....
"Man, that plane cockpit looks just like a truck cab..."  Great to see what you have been up to lately Mark!!

The Witch Doctors - Concert Handbill February 9th 1990

The Witch Doctors 
 Concert Handbill 
The Anti Club
Hollywood, CA
February 9th 1990

The Witchdoctors 
Paul Carey - Vocals, Doug Price - Guitar, Steve Hill - Bass, Scott Burton - Keyboards, Greg Paynich - Drums

Anxietea's Dave Simms - Concert Photo 1981

 Dave Simms 
 Concert Photo 

David Carey Guitar / John Young Guitar Vocals / David Simms Bass / David Cristofaro Drums

The Cone Of Silence - Concert Handbill August 11th 1983

The Cone Of Silence 
 Concert Handbill 
Radio City
Anaheim, CA
August 11th 1983

The Cone Of Silence
David Carey - Guitar / T. Geier - Bass & Vocals / Brian Henry - Guitar & Vocals / Scott Morse - Drums

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mark Stone - Jamming Some Blues on The Pacific July 2011

Mark Stone
 Jamming Some Blues,
with a loop trainer
 in the Pacific on a ship
July 2011

I have been bugging Mark for awhile now to send in something with some of his new music. Thank you so much Mark!!! 
Funny seeing him on a Strat. I only remember him playing a Les Paul. 

The Brimstones - "Little Girl" Rehearsal 1988

The Brimstones 
 "Little Girl" 

The Brimstones
Paul Carey - Vocals, Doug Price - Guitar, Steve Hill - Bass, Scott Burton - Keyboards, Greg Paynich - Drums

That's a cool band name! This is what I think is Paul Carey & The Witch Doctors before their name change.