Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Witch Doctors - Concert Handbill November 15th 1989 #2

The Witch Doctors 
 Concert Handbill 
Club Manhattan 
Stanton, CA
November 15th 1989

The Witchdoctors 
Paul Carey - Vocals, Doug Price - Guitar, Steve Hill - Bass, Scott Burton - Keyboards, Greg Paynich - Drums

The Untold Fables - "Girl Of My Own" (Paul Carey / Robert Butler) 1985

The Untold Fables 
 "Girl Of My Own"
(Paul Carey / Robert Butler)
 from their Every Mother's Nightmare LP

The Untold Fables
Paul Carey Vocals / Jon Niederbrach Guitar / Robert Butler Bass / Paul Sakry Drums

Infallible You - Band Posed Photos 1985

Infallible You 
 Band Posed Photos 

Infallible You
John Hunter - Vocals & Bass / Carl Schulman - Drums / JP Guitar

JP or as I call him John... lived next door to me with Jim Maxfield living across the street from us. The good 'ol days of Bruce Street! 

Rakatan Featuring Melanie Ray - Promotional Photos September 1995

Rakatan Featuring Melanie Ray 
 Promotional Photos
 September 1995

Rakatan featuring Melanie Ray - "Backdoor Man" 1994 (?)

Rakatan featuring Melanie Ray 
 "Backdoor Man" 
1994 (?)

I knew Melanie Ray from about 1991 through the late 90's. I met her through a Rolling Stones Fanzine I published from 1986 through 2000. I put out about 100 different issues.  Melanie is a New York girl. She did a record with Noel Redding and Mick Taylor in 1990. 

Harlin - Concert Handbills March 14th 1986

 Concert Handbills 
Madame Wong's West
Santa Monica, CA
March 14th 1986

Whil Harlan - lead vocals & rhythm guitar / Brett Scott - bass  / Drake Thompson - drums & vocals / Gib Arciniega - lead guitar & vocals

Courtesy of the Harlin Facebook page.

Dave Cristofaro, Mark Stone & John Young - Party Photo 1981

Anxietea's Dave Cristofaro, Black Sunrise's Mark Stone & Anxietea's Young with Lisa Drucker
 Party Photo

David Carey Guitar / John Young Guitar Vocals / David Simms Bass / David Cristofaro Drums

Black Sunrise
Gene Wylee - Vocals / Mark Stone - Guitar / David Carey - Guitar / Kim Calvert - Bass / Tim Gilbert - Drums

Here's a great party photo I got from Dave Cristofaro recently. Thank you David!!!  Mark is looking pretty good and healthy. He had probably a year in the Navy by this time I believe.