Thank You!!!

  A Huge THANKS to my brother Jim and also David Carey. Also Thanks to Ken Burg, Brett Scott, Danny Risberg, Drake Thompson & Gib Arciniega. Thank You to Paul Carey, David Cristofaro,  David Simms, John Young, Mark Stone, Ed Stumpp, Robert Ryan, Jim Maxfield, Tony Zamora,  JP (John Peterson).  Also to Jacky Rena & Todd Markel. And to John Sanders who is always the greatest friend, Thank you for all your help!   To all the friends you or I have made through music. 
 Also Thanks to Julie Roberts Bush and Kim Calvert.

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Anonymous said...

Ed I think I can safely say that I have now read and looked at each and every page of your website and I think we should be thanking you man. This is really not to post on the site this is for you I just dont know how to reach you any other way. Let me give you my email one more time as I would love to talk with you and send you some pics also please get my email to Dave Carey and Mark Stone and to anyone else that might want it and let them know I would love to hear from them. Dan Rice and I have also talked about an actual reunion and you and your site could be instramental in the process as any and all of the people this site targets could and would be invited plus many more but really I would just like to be able to talk to you, Dave, Mark and few others. My email is and my home phone is (714) 280-9807 and thanks again man I really love this and am still in disbelief that this site even exists at all.