Thursday, October 9, 2014

John Young - New Song coming soon!

Anxietea's John Young sent in another great original song he wrote. I look forward to sharing that one here in the next couple of days. I can't begin to tell you how great it is to hear John Young playing music still. I'm sure anybody who has ever known John will same the same as me. Great Friend and a great talent! 
I hope John will be sharing more songs with us soon.
John Young
David Carey Guitar / John Young Guitar Vocals / David Simms Bass / David Cristofaro Drums

Black Sunrise's Kim Calvert - "Before He Was A Star" Brookhurst Jr. High School 1977 - 1978

Black Sunrise's Kim Calvert 
 "Before He Was A Star"
Brookhurst Jr. High School 
 1977 - 1978
Black Sunrise
Gene Wylee - Vocals / Mark Stone - Guitar / David Carey - Guitar / Kim Calvert - Bass / Tim Gilbert - Drums
Here's Kim Calvert before his rock star days with Black Sunrise. Here's Kim's 9th grade year book photo from Anaheim's Brookhust Jr. High School.  Kim was a year ahead of me at Brookhurst. Check out Kim's great comments on a few of the Black Sunrise posts.  He mentions his mother coming up with the Black Sunrise name. I never knew that one. I do remember Kim's Mother very fondly. I remember going to Kim's house for after parties  and Kim's Mom was so kind to everybody. I think actually the very last Black Sunrise show they ever played we had a after party there. I could be wrong. Hopefully we will hear alot more from Kim soon.