Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tom Foolery - Band Photograph August 1980

Tom Foolery 
 Band Photograph 
August 1980

Tom Foolery 
 Dave Hawkins - Vocals / David Cristofaro - Drums /  David Carey - Guitar / Dave Simms - Bass 

This is the only photo of Tom Foolery I have ever seen. They only played a couple of shows and then Anxietea formed.  

Tom Foolery - Party Handbill & Set List August 9th 1980

Tom Foolery 
 Party Handbill 
 August 9th 1980

Tom Foolery 
 Set List 
 August 9th 1980

Tom Foolery 
 Dave Hawkins - Vocals / Dave Carey - Guitar / Dave Simms - Bass / David Cristofaro - Drums 

I remember this party. We set up in an alley in a small garage. Just when it was getting dark the band ripped through a bunch of songs quite fast. A cop car drove round and we packed up the gear fast and split. 

Mark Stone Boot Camp Graduation - San Diego December 1980

 Dave Simms & David Carey picking me up in San Juan Capistrano heading down to San Diego.

 Me sightseeing in San Diego.

 Dave Simms & Me on the beautiful beaches of San Diego.

  Dave Simms & Me in beautiful San Diego.

David Carey & Dave Simms on the way outta San Diego.

 United States Navy Man Mark Stone.
Mark Stone & Lisa Drucker 

Mark Stone Boot Camp Graduation 
 San Diego 
December 1980

Black Sunrise broke up after Mark Stone joined the Navy. In December 1980 Dave & Dave picked me up in San Juan Capistrano where I recently moved and went down to San Diego to watch Mark graduate from boot camp.  I mainly remember about the graduation a bunch of  guys who all looked alike and 

marching about then lots of standing at attention and a guy here and there would faint and fall on the ground. 
Later on got a room and hung out with Mark. It was a blast hanging out. Then Dave, Dave and me checked out San Diego for awhile. I remember it being quite fun and smoking alot of dirt weed. 

Dave Carey and Dave Simms saved us from getting bored with Tom Foolery and Anxietea. 

Jaames Dean - Concert Handbill March 24th 1978

Jaames Dean 
 Concert Handbill
 March 24th 1978

Jaames Dean
Gib Arciniega - Guitar / Danny Risberg - Vocals / Brett Scott - Bass / Drake Thompson - Drums

This is the earliest Handbill I have seen so far with Jaames Dean. I don't think I saw them for another year though. 

Jaames Dean - Early Rehearsal Photos 1977 or 1978 Brett Scott & Gib Arciniega

 Jaames Dean's Brett Scott & Gib Arciniega at a early rehearsal from 1977 or early 1978

 Jaames Dean's  Gib Arciniega at a early rehearsal from 1977 or early 1978

Photos by Jim Halbrook

Jaames Dean
Gib Arciniega - Guitar / Danny Risberg - Vocals / Brett Scott - Bass / Drake Thompson - Drums

These are photos that were taken by my brother Jim Halbrook.  I think from 1977 or early 1978. I remember asking my brother about Danny's absence and he said at this point Danny was in and out of the band. These are photos I am quite happy to have them in my collection. My brother is the opposite of me. He would have lost these years ago whereas my photos are neatly in slip sheets in binders, organized in chronological order.  

Here's how I've stored all my handbills and photos as well as the audio tapes from my friends bands over the years.  So many historic moments....

Black Sunrise - "Day Of The Eagle" 1979 or early to Mid 1980

Black Sunrise 
 "Day Of The Eagle" 
1979 or early to Mid 1980

Black Sunrise
Gene Wylee - Vocals / Mark Stone - Guitar / David Carey - Guitar / Kim Calvert - Bass / Tim Gilbert - Drums

Here is Black Sunrise doing a cover of Robin Trower's "Day Of The Eagle"at a party. Sadly I'm not sure of the when or where this was recorded. A real bummer for a fanatic like me who wants to archive every detail for posterity.
  This is just exactly how I remember the Black Sunrise parties except alot louder and better sound. I thought Mark & Dave were a tight playing twosome. "Our" very own Keith Richards / Ronnie Wood.