Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Untold Fables - "I Think" (Robert Butler) 1987

The Untold Fables 
 "I Think" 
(Robert Butler)
from their Aesop's Apocalypse LP

The Untold Fables
Paul Carey Vocals / Jon Niederbrach Guitar / Robert Butler Bass / Paul Sakry Drums

Back around 1984 or so Paul Carey brought over some video tapes to my Grandparents house one weekend. I think I only got my first VCR a short time before that. Getting some good music video wasn't quite so easy in those days. Of the hundreds of video tapes I got through the years before DVD's the one I got from Paul  was always my favorite. It had Hullabaloo / Shindig stuff as well as The Bad Seeds and Zakary Thaks.  Below I posted a couple of the clips. Me & Paul hooked up the two VCR's and started  to record the stuff. We made a copy for each of us and were glued in front of that TV for probably 10 hours straight. 

November 29th 1965
Top Pop Medley
Michael Landon, Jackie DeShannon & The Byrds

This clip is great. It has the guests' that week doing the top 5 hits of the week. 

Here's another great video I got from Paul that day.
Zakary Thaks

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